We have been given an amazing defense system when it comes to immunity. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles tend to leave us open to infections. How do we get back to our natural level of SUPER IMMUNITY?

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has forever changed the world. In this new Pandemic Era, personal immunity is more important than ever. Understanding your immune system and knowing how to strengthen it may be the keys to survival.

The term “Super Immunity” has been popular in the wellness community for more than a decade.  It describes a well-balanced state of the body, in which one has adequate biological defenses to fight multiple infections, diseases, or any other threatening invasions.  It includes having an immune system that is adequately tuned to avoid allergy and autoimmune diseases.

By definition, super immunity means that your body will be able to fight even the most contagious diseases in ways that those with a weak immune system cannot. In other words, Super Immunity is like having an abundant, highly skilled, properly trained, and well-equipped military living inside of you. Since a healthy immune is our primary internal defense against germs; it makes the difference between mild flu-like symptoms and a life-threatening sickness.[1]

A Balanced Immune System

The immune system forms the body’s defense system that protects it from any foreign substances and infections. Its primary job is to shield the body from any form of infection, allergy, or foreign invasion. One of the most important jobs of a super immune system is to detect a wider variety of pathogens (foreign threats), including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. The ability to recognize and defend against viruses like the coronavirus at its point of entry is an indication of the strength of one’s immune system. At the same time, the immune system is must be capable of down-regulating in the presence of harmless substances like nutrients that also enter the body. A well-balanced immune system is a super immune system.

Immune System Basis

The immune system is primarily composed of the white blood cells, lymphatic system, spleen, bone marrow, and the thymus. All these components work together to guard the body against various threats mentioned earlier. The white blood cells are the body’s foot soldiers that patrol its borders detecting foreign substances in the body as they move along in the blood. They trigger the first stages of an immune attack when they encounter a foreign invader. Once a frontline battle begins the remaining immune system is tasked with providing support in the form of additional white blood cells, various proteins, and chemicals that aid in the destruction of the foreign substances. [2]

Becoming Super Immune to Fight Against Corona Virus

The best defense forces are well-trained, properly equipped, and adequately supplied. The same must be true for an effective immunes system. Years of immune system research has identified lifestyle practice in the form of guidelines that support a strong and balanced immunity – super immunity. These guidelines include eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, moderate drinking of alcohol, getting adequate sleep, and minimizing stress.[3]



No one can promise anyone 100 percent protection against a disease like COVID-19 or any future outbreak. Nonetheless, the statistics are clear. The vast majority of people infected with the coronavirus without pre-existing compromised immunity have suffered only moderate symptoms and have recovered; while those with evidence of pre-existing weakened immunity make-up a disproportionately higher percentage of severe cases and deaths.  Sadly, once someone is infected with a life-threatening germ, it is too late for lifestyle factors to make a meaningful difference. Once a disease like COVID-19 takes hold, one’s survival is dependent on the level of medical care available and the immune defense system that they have nurtured up to the point of infection. This is why we must waste no time developing the habits that support the goal of BECOMING SUPER IMMUNITY!

What Do You Think?

Do you think a healthy immune system can make a meaningful difference?


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