Nothing and no one can guarantee protection against all infections. However, in this new "Pandemic Age" nothing is more valuable than a healthy immune system. Here are some tips for avoiding illness.

During the coronavirus pandemic, when scientific experts are seeking vaccines and promoting ways to limit the spread of COVID-19, citizens are being advised to shelter at homes and avoid social interactions. Remarkably relatively few experts are discussing the importance of a Healthy Immune System. Although, Novel Coronavirus has killed hundreds of thousands of people already; millions more have recovered with only mild symptoms.  Arguably, the only difference between the survivors is a superior immune system.

The immune system is our natural protector; providing a powerful defense against microbes. It has it’s own abundant, properly trained, highly skilled and well-equipped soldiers, called “White Blood Cells”.  A healthy and strong immunity is the primary defense against all disease-causing germs. This well-developed system is capable to deal with a variety of illnesses from flu to pre-cancerous cells.

What does Immune System do?

The immune system is often referred to as our internal defense system. It includes white blood cells and lymph vessels that span the entire body. White blood cells serve as military police. They freely patrol the body’s bloodstream, lymph vessels, and tissue. Whenever an invasion happens, the white blood cells arrive on the scene to deal with the problem and clean up debris. Where there is an injury to tissue or organs, the immune response supports the healing process, as our bodies restore function tissue and organs. 1

Why Immune System is so important?

Imagine being unable to defend yourself against the slightest infection. What if every disease-causing virus, bacteria, fungus, or yeast were life-threatening to you? This is what life would be like without a functioning immune system. You would have to live in a completely sterilized environment (a bubble) or run the risk of dying from a simple cold or small cut. Check out our Immune Products

This is an extreme thought, but it helps us appreciate how important a healthy immune system is to our survival. It is reasonable to say, that your immune system is the only thing standing between you and millions of harmful germs that would love to make your body their permanent home. The healthier your immune system the less like any germ will succeed in making you sick. This is why it is so important to avoid routinely doing things that compromise the immune system. 2

Ways in which the Immune system is compromised

A healthy immune system is mostly the result of good health habits. Research into this area shows, that there are several lifestyle practices that undermine the immune system. Here are a few major ones:

  • Too much sitting
  • Poor management of Stress
  • Overtraining of the sports or Exercise
  • Insomnia
  • Overeating
  • Excessive Alcohol and Sugar Intake
  • Excessive Junk Food intake

Avoiding the habit above is the first step toward strengthening one’s immune system.

How to Upgrade Your Immune System

Now that we have seen a few things we should avoid to promote a healthy immune system, let’s take a look at some habits that support a strong immune system:

  • Perform moderate exercise daily
  • Try to manage your stress
  • Manage your weight
  • Get enough sleep (6-8 hours for most adults)
  • Eat a well-balanced diet including plenty of vegetables and fruits
  • Stay Hydrated 4

The Bottomline

At the start of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, health experts wisely advised us to take steps to avoid being infected. For example, we were told to frequently wash our hands, limited close contact, and were protective masks.  Although these steps may reduce the spread of germs, they are not enough to keep us safe. They only limited the likelihood of exposure. What happens if you do all of this and still become exposed to a harmful germ?

Yes, you guessed it! If you are exposed and have a healthy immune system you are far less likely to get sick. If you get sick, you are better equipped to fight the illness, recover, and avoid fatality. Unquestionably, a healthy immune system is our best defense.

What Do You Think?

Do you believe that handwashing and social distancing is enough?


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