Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in males. In the USA, over 3 million men suffer from prostate-cancer. And every tenth male will be diagnosed with cancer during his lifetime. Eating healthy will reduce your chances of getting this cancer.

What Causes Prostate Cancer?

The exact cause and mechanism of prostate cancer development are still unknown. But researchers have found several risk factors that significantly increase a chance of development of prostate-cancer.

They can be divided into two main groups: inherited and acquired.

In the case of inherited risk factors, we usually think of genetic mutations that are transmitted from parents to children. 2 So if your father had prostatecancer, you are at a higher risk of developing it yourself too.  Age is one of the most important risk factors. The older you are, the higher the chance for developing prostate-cancer. The race is another risk factor we cannot influence. African-American and Caribbean males are at higher risk than Hispanic or Asian males. Also, your location can be a risk factor as there is a lot more prostate-Cancer in North America, Australia, and Europe than in Asia, Africa, or South and Central America. 3

The second category of risk factors is acquired. They are caused by different factors from the environment to habits. Researchers found that a high concentration of testosterone in the male body is a risk factor for prostatecancer. 2

Diet is a very important risk factor for cancer development. Some food like red meat and high-fat dairy products are recognized as a risk factor for prostatecancer. Also, a low intake of fruits and vegetables might contribute to cancer development. Another study showed that a high intake of calcium can also be dangerous. Some studies show that inflammation of the prostate, sexually transmitted diseases, vasectomy, chemical exposure, smoking, or obesity can increase the risk of prostate-cancer development but this needs to be examined further. 3

How does fiber help reduce cancer growth?

When it comes to the positive effects of high fiber diet on prostate cancer, researchers have found that the Asian diet, which is traditionally rich in vegetables and fiber can significantly reduce the risk and decrease the development speed of cancer. Their research concluded that the main cause for this protective role of fiber-rich food is a carbohydrate called IP6. IP6 from healthy fiber prevents the creation of new blood vessels in a prostate tumor. Every cancer needs a lot of energy to keep growing. Fiber-rich food and IP6 prevent cancer from using glucose for this purpose. That will prevent prostate_cancer form further development. 4

Another study claims that increased intake of healthy fiber in the diet will increase the concentration of protein which binds testosterone. 5

What high fiber foods slows the growth of prostate-cancer?

As mentioned above, fiber-rich food rich in IP6 will slow or prevent the growth of cancer. Therefore, males may want to increase their intake of legumes, fruit, and vegetables in their diet.

Non-GMO and organic soybeans and soy-based products might help in the prevention of recurrence of prostate-cancer and slow the growth of existing cancer. 6

Green tea contains substances that can prevent the growth of prostate_cancer. The same goes for tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, kale and other cruciferous vegetables. 6

Foods to avoid if you have an enlarged prostate

In case you suffer from prostatecancer or you have an increased risk of developing it, you may want to avoid a high intake of dairy products and calcium, but still make sure that you are taking enough to satisfy daily needs. Some studies found evidence that a high intake of red meat might increase the risk of prostate cancer, so you should avoid frequent consummation of beef, pork, and lamb. You should also avoid certain saturated fat. 6

In conclusion, millions of males suffer from prostate cancer. Although some of the risk factors can’t be affected, there is still a lot you can do to reduce the risk of prostatecancer. One of the main steps should be an increase in the intake of healthy fiber and anti-inflammatory foods. That way you can reduce the risk of having an aggressive form of prostatecancer by over 30%. 7


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