Anticancer Foods: Pecans Uses & Benefits

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Want to know a fact that will make you go nuts? The United States supplies 80% of the world’s pecan. Now you know why people go for pecan pie on thanksgiving. They are powerhouses of nutrients that make them an ideal snack, condiment, or ingredient.

What Are Pecans? 

Pecans are nuts that are common IN North America, Mexico, and the southern part of the U.S. when the holiday season comes in the U.S. dishes containing pecan are a rage. These expensive nuts are relatives of walnuts and are enveloped by a brownish shell. They are the potato of nuts which means that they can be added to almost anything.

How Are Pecans Used?

The history of pecans goes back to 1500. They were named by Native Americans and their name means nuts requiring a stone to crack. During its early use native tribes used to make a fermented drink from these nuts. Soon after their popularity increased resulting in the cultivation of these orchids on a large scale.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Pecans?

Diabetes management:

Eating pecan helps reduce heart disease in people suffering from diabetes. When hungry eating an ounce of nuts can make you feel full for longer periods and help avoid high-carb foods. The glycemic index of pecans is very low which means that eating pecans does not cause an increase in blood sugar levels. Thus, it can be used for managing blood sugar levels.


Pecans contain omega-3 fatty acids that relieve arthritis by reducing inflammation. Pecans also have anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of magnesium, calcium, zinc, and vitamin E. The vitamin content of pecans strengthens the immune system which then protects the body against infections and diseases.

Brain function:

The mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids present in pecans are especially important for improving brain function and reduction in the inflammatory response. A study conducted on a large number of women showed that those who consumed nuts showed improved brain function.

Heart problems:

The different types of fats and phenolic compounds present in pecans are easy solutions for reducing heart problems. Just a hand full of these nuts can effectively reduce the level of bad cholesterol i.e LDL in your body. it also increased the level of good cholesterol in the body. all of this avoids strokes and atherosclerosis.

What Makes Pecans An Anti-cancer Food?

Many studies have shown that eating nuts can increase the quality of life. People eating nuts regularly are less likely to die of cancer and other diseases than people of do not eat them. Nuts especially pecans are packed with rich nutrients. The antioxidants like tannins and vitamin E present in pecans fight reactive oxygen species and thus reduce the risk of DNA damage.

A study conducted on men showed that those of ate nuts regularly had 34% less chance of dying of colon cancer. It not only reduces the risk of cancer but also reduces cancer recurrence.

Not only that pecans also contain fiber that improves our digestion. Improved digestive function means that overall body functions are improved. The fiber present in pecans helps the stool to pass from the body quickly and thus contributes to reduced cancer risk. Although the benefits of pecans are numerous but still more research is needed to confirm the exact role of pecans as an anti-cancer food.



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